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For Vendors and Contractors interested in providing Treatment Services, please review the following documents:

Letter requesting service proposals to vendors and contractors

Frequently Asked Questions for Treatment Services

General Terms to Know     Current Q&A for this contracting cycle

Please choose the solicitation documents (RFP's - Request for Proposal) referencing services to offer for the following Catchment areas/Counties listed below:

Catchment areas by counties for both Outpatient Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services:

Catchment 0643-2023-0007- Kenton, Campbell and Boone Counties

Catchment 0643-2023-0011- Franklin County

Catchment 0643-2023-0012- Madison County

Catchment 0643-2023-0013- Mason, Bracken, and Fleming Counties

Catchment 0643-2023-0014- Rowan County

Catchment 0643-2023-0015 Boyd County

Catchment 0643-2023-0016- Magoffin, Johnson, Floyd, and Martin Counties

Catchment 0643-2023-0017- Pike County

Catchment 0643-2023-0018- Perry and Letcher Counties

Catchment 0643-2023-0019- Whitley, Knox, Bell and Harlan Counties (Amended)

Catchment 0643-2023-0021- Laurel County

Catchment areas by county for Outpatient Substance Abuse Services only:

Catchment 0643-2023-0009- Fayette County

Catchment areas by county for Outpatient Mental Health Services only:

Catchment 0643-2023-0008- Fayette County

Catchment areas by counties for Inpatient Substance Abuse Services (Male and Female):

Catchment 0643-2023-05- Inpatient programming for females (Boone, Woodford, Fayette, Whitley, Fleming, Greenup, Carter, Boyd, Lawrence, Pike, and Perry Counties)

Catchment 0643-2023-06- Inpatient programming for males (Kenton, Scott, Fayette, Jessamine, Pulaski, Laurel, Knott, Rowan, Lawrence, Carter and Greenup Counties)

Catchment areas by counties for Outpatient Sex Offender Treatment Services:

Catchment 0643-2023-0001 (Pulaski and Laurel Counties - Treatment and Polygraph)

Catchment 0643-2023-0002 (Fayette - Treatment and Polygraph)

Catchment 0643-2023-0003 (Kenton County - Treatment)

Catchment 0643-2023-0004 (Boone, Kenton, Campbell - Polygraph)

Catchment area by county for Urine Collection Services:

Catchment 0643-23-0010 (Fayette)

Catchment areas by counties for Outpatient Substance Abuse, Mental Health Services, and Urine Collection:

Catchment 0643-20-0020 Pulaski, Wayne, and McCreary Counties

Catchment 0643-22-0022 Clay